My name is Xi Zhiyu, you can call me Xi(Similar as Si) or ZY.

This is my homepage in English version. Chinese version:

I was born in China, a great country with profound cultural background, long history and great language.

Chinese has about 100,000 characters, maybe that's why my English is so terrible. Studying Chinese is so hard, so I am too exhausted to study another language XD. Actually, just because I didn't study hard, I was bad.

I love football. Before I came to Italy, I was the manager and captain of the biggest young amateur football club in my hometown. I found it with my teammates in 2015, named Yuzhou Dream Football Club. We have more than 50 members from 14 to 25 years old now.

I always show very unconvinced when I stay with the people we're not familiar with each others. But when we get more familiar, you will find that I am a very outgoing and funny boy. Therefore, If you see me not daringly speak to you, it doesn't mean that I don't want to talk with you, I really want to make friend with everyone.

One person's life can't be called "life", this is what I always think. I hate to be lonely, but I feel lonely all the time. I hope a girl will enter my life, we love each other and go on our life together, share happiness and face challenge hand in hand. Study together, Watch drama together, go shopping together and travel together...

The dream growed in middle school, until now.

Come On.